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Makhaon Web Viewer features

Makhaon Web Viewer
  • The web-interface is created with use of the brand-new technology HTML5 and it doesn't require any external browser plug-in. Interface DOES NOT require Java, Flash, Dot Net, SilverLite, Adobe AIR, etc
  • There is no need to install anything on your computer, mobile phone or browser to make it function (Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer). Modern browser with HTML5 technology support is quite enough. Web viewer makes it completely possible to display the studies located in the storage. The images are transferred from storage to viewer in unchanged form (jpg file compression is not applied; gzip file compression is applied with no loss in image quality)
  • Support view images on the MS Windows, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Android tables or smartphones
View features
  • Support of true 16 bit grayscale window/leveling on client size, lossy transfer and full-featured view
  • Support of 8 and 24 bit images
  • Support view any images, that can be viewed by the Makhaon Workstation
  • Support view of single-frame and multi-frame images
  • Support change the window/level values, scale and pan on the client side in real time mode
  • Support real time render for the large scale images (for example, for mammographies)
  • Support parallel relative to view downloading and preprocessing of the files, and doesn't interfere into the displaying process, which makes the work with images fast and convenient
  • Support image processing tools: image pan, scale, window/level, series navigation, overlay selection, overlay-distance, overlay-angle, probe-point, horizontal mirroring, vertical mirroring, clockwise rotation, inversion, fast scaling to workspace margins, 1:1 scale (without image reduction and image expansion), reset function
  • Support measure calibration (if image is calibrated)
  • Support corner information overlays on the image, functioning identically with the same overlays in the station
  • Support images orientation label
  • Support image orientation changing while doing flip and rotate
  • Support bottom and right measuring bars view (in case the image is calibrated)
  • Support workspace subdivision into windows in 16 preset ways. Every window is able to display the separate series
  • Support series manager (series thumbnails) displayed at right side of workspace User can select any series from the series available in the study to have it displayed in the current window
  • Support preview the central images of each series, name of series, and the number of images in series
  • User can select the list of displayed database fields which is the most convenient for him from all available
  • Support data base filters which can filter the data according to any fields of the available in database
  • For convenience the filters are displayed in two variants: reduced (where only the 'patient name' field and some system fields can be seen) and extended (the filters for visible table fields can be seen)
  • Support several system filters (display all studies, display studies uploaded by the user, display private user studies). System filters function in combination with the data base filters
  • Support unlimited number of users
  • Support on-line registration of the users with the registration confirmation through e-mail
  • Support e-mail user password recovery mode
  • Support upload user files (it can work as on-line DICOM data repository)
  • Support upload files in DICOM format (separate files or several files at once, as well as the folders). Storage will sort the uploaded files by studies and series automatically
  • Support upload files compressed by the archive. The file unpacking is realized with the help of 7z archiver library, all the basic archivers (such as zip, 7z, rar, tar, gz, lzh) are supported. The ISO disc image processing is also possible
  • Support files uploading as to the public upload space, as to the private one
  • In case of loading files to the public upload space the studies can be displayed for all the storage users
  • In case of loading files to the private upload space the studies can be viewed only by the user who loaded them and to the administrators
  • Support uploaded studies anonymization. It is possible to select the new patient name for the study (for convenience of the search in the long general list of the anonymized studies)
  • Support remote management and administration available in the web-interface
  • Support adding, deleting, modification and verify of DICOM devices (DICOM nodes) and images volumes; data transfer from volume to volume; user adding, deleting and modification; storage options; database processing; database statistics, backup, image database maintenance, queue manager, etc
  • The web viewer is created with use of the brand-new technology HTML5 and it doesn't require any external browser plug-in. Interface DOES NOT require Java, Flash, Dot Net, SilverLite, Adobe AIR, etc
  • There is no need to install anything on your computer, mobile phone or browser to make it function (Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer)
  • Support cross-platform, single-interfaced view
  • Eliminate the need to install PACS software and setup VPN connections
  • Can access to medical images in patient exam rooms, hospital surgery suites, home offices and any other location on a large number of computers and devices
  • This is a good solution for telemedicine. It allows for live, remote consultation and diagnosis, from anywhere on the hospital network or around the world. This is especially beneficial for small hospitals. Rather than having an on-call radiologist for late night emergency cases, the hospital can utilize our software solutions to transmit the study to the physician in real-time and get fast remote consultation
  • Fast and responsible software support, users' forum, internal bug and feature tracking system, continuous internal beta-testing


You can try our online demo version of DICOM HTML5 viewer and storage. It can work like youtube on other web pages. Best viewed on the Chrome browser.

CR study, bigger image has 3020x2400 pixels size


MR study, 6 series