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Makhaon DICOM dump

Utility can analyze, edit and view DICOM file.

Makhaon DICOM dump

Makhaon DICOM dump image view

Makhaon DICOM dump log

  • Makhaon dicom dump allows analyzing, editing and viewing DICOM files.
  • All standard tags (under standard DICOM 2009) and their VR (Value Representation) are supported.
  • Correctly parse tags with VM (Value Multiplicity).
  • Can add, change, delete any tag; can show and change a file preamble.
  • The tag designer and file anonymize is realized. Allow viewing loaded file or its first section.
  • The program make a log while parse DICOM file. Can store DICOM tree into the text file.
  • Can save view as a bitmap file. Show general a file info. Color every element of a tag.